Wenzhou Jinzhuo Crafts Co., Ltd. is located in the famous Chinese trademark and cultural city, China Sign Production Center, and has a history of over 600 years in the ancient city of Jinxiang.

Our company is currently an outstanding enterprise with a unique style in the industry, and is an independent enterprise engaged in product research and development, design, production, and sales. The company has a product development and design R&D department, a marketing department and an excellent production management team, which mainly produces and sells various types of customized metal products, such as bottle openers, brooches, domestic and foreign commemorative coin, and military police badges at home and abroad; Sports medals, metal keychains, pendants, military and police brass buttons, cufflinks, tie clips, belt buckles, domestic and foreign religious souvenirs, labels, car signs, gifts made of metal and plastic materials, and handicrafts; The main production materials are zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, copper, iron, aluminum, and stainless steel, etc; The production equipment is complete, equipped with computer design, all computer precision carving, stamping, die-casting, hydraulic, polishing, welding, spot welding, rotten board, enamel, imitation enamel, paint, glue, polishing, oxidation, polishing, printing, assembly, packaging and other technical equipment, forming a one-stop production line. We adopt strict quality control management in all aspects from materials to production to ensure the quality of our products.